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Top 4 Unique and Elegant Plants To Adorn Your Property

Pencil Pine Would you like to buy plants for your gardening project? Need some unique varieties to adorn your property? Here are the top 4 plants that you can buy for your backyard.

Himalayan Weeping Bamboo:

Himalayan Weeping Bamboo is an understory, exquisite, cold-tolerant plant with a slender stem and thick sprays of light green leaves. They prefer cool climate and will not tolerate full sun. Due to the weight of profuse amount of lush green foliage, they hang and create a weeping look. They can be grown indoors with sufficient lighting and should be pruned every year to keep in shape. To promote healthy growth, you can use seaweed fertilizer.

Pencil Pine:

Pencil Pine is a feature plant with dark-green foliage and is widely used for decorative purposes. The beautiful foliage provides great texture to the landscape and is easy to grow. The best thing about these plants is that they do not need any special attention to maintain its distinctive shape. The plant itself maintains its pencil shape as it matures, but by pruning the centre of this plant, you can achieve hedge-like shape.

Magnolia Teddy Bear:

Magnolia Teddy Bear is a small, compact plant that blooms on and off right through the year. They have dense growth habit and are ideal for informal Magnolia Teddy Bear hedge. The leaves are small, rounded and cup-shaded with glossy dark green colour on top and bronze colour underside. They produce large white flowers during warmer months, especially from late spring through to autumn. These Magnolia Teddy Bear plants are easy to grow, but require little maintenance like proper lighting and regular fertilizing.

Crepe Myrtles:

These plants are known for their attractive summer flowers, colourful foliage and attractive bark that make them ideal choice for beautifying the setting. They are available in hundreds of sizes and colours to choose from, including white, purple, pink, red and lavender. After blooming, they produce seed heads and the leaves fall off, leaving the exfoliating bark.  When you choose crape myrtles for your garden, you must consider various factors such as its natural shape, height, extent of bark exfoliation and flower colour before placing an order.

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