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Why Certification matters

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There is prevailing question in IT professionals. Does having a certificate matter?

There are arguments both for and against it. But large proportions of industry experts wholeheartedly recommend certification. Certifications do matter in the long run. Any career adviser will say that taking Training is the best investment you can make. To become a certified professional, it’s recommended to take professional IT courses from reputed IT training institute to boost your skill sets. If you have proven skills, the next step is to take certification training to prove your expertise and credibility. Some of the popular IT certification Training program includes

You will get the benefits of the training and certification in your career.

So what are the benefits of certification?

Here is the list of benefits for certification.

Keep your current job

In economic downturn most economies are letting people go and operating with only the core staff. People with most skill and experience have more to offer to the organisation. So if you keep up to date with industry knowledge through certification you are more likely to keep your job.

Good Remuneration

Your skill, experience and your knowledge determine your pay scale. Certain companies may reward you by giving you a pay rise if you get certified. The extra money helps as an incentive for getting people trained. The company in acquires more knowledge while retaining the same staff.

Get new job

Without any argument certification gives you entry in to IT profession. Existing IT professionals are able to change their current career and secure more rewarding job through certification

Get promoted

By the same token certification opens you more doorways and gives you ability to move upwards or sideways in the corporate ladder.

Improve Career prospect

Certification gives you an edge which is useful when competing in this market. In two people with same experience and same skill sets, if one them has certification and one of them does not then the person who has certificate will get selected.

Stay current

In this day and age just doing their job is not enough. Technology is ever changing and if do not keep up you are left behind. Employer will employ you till you are useful to them but they are not obliged to train you in new technology. If your employer decides to decommission the system you are work on and decides to upgrade to new system then they will more than likely look for people who are expert in the new system. You will no longer be use to your employer and lose your job

Get Benchmark for your knowledge

Certification acts like a benchmark for certain knowledge or skill sets. Employers know level and type of knowledge a candidate may have based on the certification