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How To Save Money Buying Carpet and Vinyl In Melbourne

I was having an older retail space set up so I could start my own business selling vacuums. The previous owners had tile flooring throughout. My wife and I both agreed that carpet would be the best choice so we could demonstrate what we sold and because of the sound absorbing qualities that carpeted floors have. Our next step was to search for the bestCommercial Flooring Melbourne providers.

An owner of another retail outlet nearby suggested that we contact btm floorworx. My wife and I weren’t surprised to hear it. Their reputation for quality service and flooring are well known in Melbourne. They also specialize in carpet repair Melbourne.

I contacted btm floorworx and talked to one of their experts. I wanted nice looking carpet that could handle heavy foot traffic for several years. I also needed it to be affordable. They had all the latest brands and styles of carpets to choose from. The service professionals helped me to find the style and carpet brand I needed. They presented me with a range of options that were priced within my budget.

Vinyl Flooring

Carpet Installation

The specialist at btm floorworx have already had 20 or more years experience with carpet installation, carpet repair and vinyl repair Melbourne. They came in with everything they needed. My wife and I left for lunch and when we came back the job was done. It made my retail space look a lot better and made me all the more determined to bring in the inventory of vacuum cleaners to sell. Commercial carpeting is their speciality. The same is true with other kinds of flooring.

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Customer Service

The experts at btm floorworx care for the unique needs of their customers. They took the time to answer my question and treated me with respect. They also provided me with useful information that was very helpful.