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Finding Dog Friendly Accommodation in Daylesford

For most families, it can be quite challenging to go on for a vacation by leaving their pets lonely in their home. However, if you choose to visit Daylesford, you can plan for a vacation with your family and pets as there are many pet friendly accommodations available in this suburb. One of the most interesting features about Daylesford accommodation is that they provide extreme convenience and unusual luxuries that could make your entire family as well as your pet to feel more comfortable.

Daylesford has a lot of cottages and vacation rental homes that can be booked by the travelers to enjoy their vacation leisurely. However, there are certain things that must be considered to take complete advantage of these properties.

Plan ahead:

As there is a great demand for dog friendly accommodation Daylesford, you should start planning ahead. Like you, many other pet owners may prefer bringing their pets for the vacation. If you wait until the last minute, you may find it difficult to discover a pet friendly rental home and end up paying more.

Hotel or vacation rental:

Though there are many hotels that accept pets, renting a cottage or booking a vacation rental home is a better option. These units are more lenient that they accept large groups of people and a mix of a few animals.  Moreover, you can also let your pets free to roam around the unit at their leisure.


The features, facilities and amenities available in the vacation rentals differ from one unit to another. If you don’t want to compromise on the comfort, then you need to look for the rental units loaded with advanced amenities and state of the art facilities. It is always a better option to book accommodation that has a well equipped kitchen as it allows you to prepare meals and save money on dining at the restaurant.

Compare rental units:

As already said, there are so many rental units providing accommodation in Daylesford, so you need to take considerable time to compare and contrast the prices and features of these rental units. This helps you to choose the one that offers best deal on the pet friendly accommodation. There are many websites available online where you can compare and choose the right affordable accommodation in Daylesford.

If you follow these guidelines, you can definitely choose the right accommodation for your family members and pet friendly accommodation in Daylesford.

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